Would This Be A Help?

Would This Be A Help?

I found this photo on FaceBook and laughed so hard!


Credit card display that says "Transaction Denied. You have enough fabric."



Would this be a help or a “Mind your own business ” moment for you?


6 thoughts on “Would This Be A Help?

  1. Joanne Banko says:

    Ha! Enough for something maybe, but don’t we all find we don’t have enough for something else? And then there’s the “one that got away.” I de-stash and then wish I had it back some where down the road. Anyone else have trouble saying goodbye to beloved pieces of fabric?

    • Meredith Felix says:

      Often I wish I had something back. And then there are the times I decide I want to use a piece I know I had in my stash, but I can’t find it. Did I give it away, or is it still hiding somewhere in my stash? I CAN’T REMEMBER !

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