Going to Ohio & England!

I’m going to Ohio & England!

Hello!  It’s been ages since I wrote a post and I bet you thought I had just given up posting.  Nope, just super busy!   I’ve preparing to go to Ohio to tape two 10 minute segments for It’s Sew Easy!  A sewing program broadcast on PBS. http://www.itsseweasytv.com/

I will be explaining Sashiko and Circular Flounces.  You would think that after writing about these 2 techniques it wouldn’t take long to prepare for the segments. But to squeeze all the information into a 10 minute talk meant making a full sample for each step, as opposed to the book, where I had to make 1 perfect sample and take a photo , then move to the next step on the same perfect sample and take the next photo.  Live and Learn! The taping in Cleveland, Ohio will be February 9th. I will be in Cleveland for most of Feb. 8th with little to do, so any suggestions for fun things to see/do are welcome.

On February 12th, my husband and I are going to London U.K .for a week!  WooHoo!  While we are there I will be talking at Ray Stitch on February 14th, 6:30-8:30 pm!  This will be my official book launch in the U.K.!  I will be explaining some combination of:   Sashiko, Circular Flounce, Bias and Embellishing RTW shirts.


My husband and I don’t have many plans for our week in the U.K. so  suggestions are very welcome.  Of course the V&A Museum and the British Museum are on our list , but any other suggestions?

Last but least, I have not forgotten that I still haven’t posted photos of the Mother of the  Groom dress!  I will have some down time in Ohio, so I hope to post those photos next week.


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  1. Linda Christopher says:

    While you are in the Cleveland area, Kent State Fashion Museum is a wonderful place to visit : http://www.kent.edu/museum. If you want to stay closer to Cleveland proper, Praxis has a month long display of Janice Lesson-Moss’s superb weavings. Here is her website : http://www.janicelessman-moss.com and here is the Praxis Fiber Workshop website : praxisfiberworkshop.com. Praxis is full of weaving looms donated by Cleveland Institute of Art when they downsized. Ms Lesson-Moss’s weavings are displayed in their gallery at the front of the workshop. Located on the east side of Cleveland. Enjoy your visit to my city!

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